Flat Roofing

An environmentally friendly, low maintenance solution.

High Quality Flat Roofing Specialists in Essex

Whether you’re looking to build an energy-efficient extension to your home, or need repairs on an existing flat roof, you can be confident in our Essex flat roofing experts to deliver exactly the work you need. As experienced flat roofing contractors in Essex you can trust that we know what you need and have the knowledge and skill to complete the work.

Our experience covers a range of different kinds of flat roof installation, from the classic durability of felt roofing to more modern options such as GRP fibreglass and EPDM rubber. We’ll work with you to ensure that the finished product is long-lasting, looks great and fits with the overall style of your building. 

Benefits of Flat Roofing

Flat roofing offers many advantages over the pitched style that’s more common in this country. Customers looking for a flat roof can be confident that their finished product will be more energy efficient – keeping the heat in in the colder months – as well as being easier to maintain and more environmentally-friendly. Many of the flat roofing jobs we do are more straightforward than you might expect, and we’ll do the job in quick time and be on our way to let you enjoy the finished product.

Although we confidently offer durable flat roofing that can last for decades, we know that sometimes you’ll still need to call a repair expert for an issue with an existing flat roof. We can take on all repairs, large or small, and will be happy to discuss your needs. Give us a call for a no-charge, no-obligation quote

Types of Flat Roofing

There are many different types of flat roofing methods and systems available. Some of the most popular types are mentioned here.

3 Layer Felt System

The 3 layer felt roofing system has changed the way in which flat roofs are laid. Discover more about thistype of flat roof here.

GRP Fibreglass

The strength of these glass reinforced fibreglass roofs make them a great option for walkways and balconies.

Liquid Plastic

Liquid plastic roofing is a long lasting solution with many years guarantee and a wide range of uses.

Rubber Flat Roof

Rubber flat roofing is strong, waterproof and durable material which is ideal for our changeable weather in the UK.

Single Layer Ply

Bailey Atlantic’s single ply roofing is strong, has longevity, speed, safety of installation and is a cost effective solution.

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