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Mike Horizon Roofing Ltd builds new roofs for both residential & commercial properties.

In Need of a New Roof For Your Essex Property?

The roof is one of the most important parts of any house – there’s a reason that we tend to refer to our homes as “a roof over our heads”. So when your roof starts to show signs of ageing, or sustains damage, it may be time to get new roof and have the old roof replaced.

Our roof installation and replacement services will leave your house looking as good as new. With decades of experience in replacing roofs, we are the ideal choice when looking to get your roof replaced. So if you require a new roof in the Essex area contact Mike Horizon Roofing Ltd today.

Are you in need of a new roof installation or replacement at Mike Horizon Roofing we have decades worth of roofing experience. Speak with us today!

Signs You May Need a New Roof?

There are many reasons as to why you may need a new roof. Here are a few of the most common causes for getting your roof replaced.


If your existing roof has been in place for 20 years are more, the chances are that it’s no longer fit for purpose, and a new one will give you the security you need.​

Damaged Tiles

If tiles are starting to come loose, and you’re finding debris in your gutters, you’ll certainly need some remedial work. Most likely, a full replacement will be the best bet.​


Your roof comes in for a lot of punishment in the course of a year, with changes in weather and temperature. If it starts to sag in the middle, it’s a sign it needs rebuilding.​

Gutters & Flashings

If the gutters around your house, or the flashing around your chimney, are starting to warp, it’s likely that the roof can no longer support them.

If a full roof replacement is not necessary, we also provide roof repair services which will leave your roof looking as good as new. Find out more about our roof repair services here.

Benefits Of a New Roof

Having a new roof installed can provide a number of benefits such as:

Energy Efficiency

A new roof will allow your home to retain heat in winter and keep things cooler in summer. No need to run up heating and air-conditioning bills throughout the year!

Kerb Appeal

Your new roof will do wonders for the external appearance of your house, and add kerb appeal which boosts the selling price when the time comes.

Health Benefits

A new roof will not become a home for mould and mildew, which can spread throughout the house and present a hazard to health.

How Much Does A New Roof Installation Cost?

The answer to this question is… it depends. All roofs come in different shapes and sizes and without seeing the extent of your specific project it’s difficult to provide an exact figure. Despite this, the average cost to replace a roof in the UK is around £5000.

Included within the price you would receive for a new roof would be:

  • Scaffolding – This will be erected around all open roof edges (so if it’s a semi-detached property this would include 3 sides).

  • All materials that are required to carry and complete the works to an exceptional standard.

  • The hiring of a skip for all unwanted material from your old roof.

  • Labour costs for roofers on the project.

  • Notifying of building control when works have been completed.

As a new roof can be of significant expense there can be alternative methods of payment than just a lump sum.

Bank home improvement loans can be a handy way where you’ll be able to pay off the lump sum in one go and pay back your bank monthly with interest.

There is also the possibility that you’re eligible for a grant. There are several criteria you will need to meet to be eligible for these grants. Speak with us and we can help point you in the right direction should you feel you’re eligible for a grant.

How Long Is A New Roof Guaranteed For?

Our new roof installations come with a 15 year guarantee to give you piece of mind that should any issues arise you’re covered.

How Much Value Does A New Roof Add To Property Price?

A roof is one of the first elements a potential buyer of your property will see. It could be a deal-breaker before they even see inside your home so having a new or well-maintained roof is crucial.

Over and above this the potential buyer will also know that the roof will not be a concern in the near future which ensures it can’t be used as a bartering tool.

According to Zopa Bank, a roof can see you with a return on investment of 63%.

How Often Should A Roof Be Replaced?

The average roof will last anywhere between 20 – 75 years, although this varies depending on the material used for the roof. Roof tiles like clay and slate have a lifespan that lasts 60 years+, whereas asphalt and shingle roofs would last more in the region of 20-30 years on average.

We will discuss the best options for the task in hand and what the most cost-effective roofing method would be for you.

Why Choose Mike Horizon Roofing For A New Roof?

Over the years Mike Horizon Roofing has replaced hundreds of roofs and has 4 decades of experience in all aspects of roofing services.

All of our work is guaranteed to provide you with a piece of mind that were any issues to arise you’re covered.

We provide free no-obligation quotations for all the works needed to leave your home with an exceptionally high-standard finished product.

If we believe that a repair would be more suitable than a full re-roof, we also provide roof repair services which will leave your roof looking as good as new. Find out more about our roof repair services here.

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