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Skilled clay and slate roof tilers.

Clay & Slate Roof Tiling in Essex

As expert roof tilers in Essex, Mike Horizon Roofing can supply and fit a broad variety of natural slates and tiles to provide a good match between your roof and the surrounding houses and building.

We remove the old roof and perform any necessary reparations to the roof beneath should they be needed before installing new roof tiles. Contact us today for all your tile roofing needs.

Are you in need of a roof tiling contractor? We have decades worth of roofing experience. Speak with us today!

Act At The First Sign Of Tile Damage

Although a damaged or cracked tile may appear a minor issue it can quickly escalate into a larger problem especially in the winter months. Rainwater will inevitably find its way into the tile crack which will then enter your roof. This can end up causing considerable damage to your insulation, timbre, and cause water patches on interior ceilings, adding to the cost of repairs.

Why Choose Mike Horizon Roofing

At Mike Horizon Roofing we ensure a thorough and professional service is provided. A complete strip and retile service are available. All scaffolding is supplied, and we deal with all the necessary permits and building notices. Also, we remove all debris from your property leaving the site clean and tidy.

We are happy to re-use existing tiles or slates if they are in a good condition and we cover concrete interlocking tiles, plain tiles, natural and synthetic slates. All the felt we use is BBM approved and breathable and all batten is treated.

As a local roof tiling contractor, we fit all roof windows, Velux windows, tile vents, supply roof ventilation, and also insulate lofts.

Types Of Tiles We Use

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have excellent environmental credentials and can achieve an A+ rating. Coupled with the fact that clay is a natural material and has a very long life compared to many of its counterparts, making clay a clear choice for any roofing project.

Concrete tiles are a more cost effective alternative to clay or slate and is available in a range of colours, profiles, shapes and sizes. Because of its lower cost to slate and clay, concrete has become a clear favourite for many of our clients.

New roof tiles - Roofer in Essex

Slate Tiles

Slate is a great roofing material which has been used on roofs for many centuries. Welsh slate is known as the best slate money can buy with a minimum life expectancy of 75 years. In many cases Welsh slate can be reused even after reaching its expected life of 75 years. Unfortunately Welsh slate is an expensive option but not to worry there are many other manufacturers of slate for roofing purposes. Many people opt for Spanish or Chinese slate which come at a far cheaper price and also have long life expectancies of between 60 and 75 years.

Mike Horizon Roofing are expert slate roof tilers with great knowledge and experience in the profession. We have huge confidence in our ability to provide each and every client a professional and reliable service

Slate roof tiles

Mike Horizon Roofing is an expert slate and clay roof tiler contractor with great knowledge and experience in the profession. We have huge confidence in our ability to provide every client with a professional and reliable service.

Contact us today at the first sign of tile damage and protect your property from further damage.

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