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Mike Horizon Roofing Ltd repairs roofs for both residential & commercial properties throughout Essex.

Expert Roof Repairs In Essex

Your roof offers protection to your home and its contents all year round. Through rain, sun, snow and often high winds, it keeps you warm and dry. So when something goes wrong with your roof, it is naturally vitally important to get it sorted out – promptly and completely.

Our Essex roof repair service is designed to ensure that no matter how severe the damage may be, we can leave you with a guaranteed repair. We will restore your roof to its former glory by putting into practice our years of experience and the knowledge we have gained during that time. Whether you are in need of roof leak repairs from damaged tiles or need flat roof repairs we can help.

Roof being repaired in Essex

Signs Your Roof Is In Need Of Repair?

There are some obvious, and some not so obvious signs, to look out for when you know its time your roof is need of repairs.

Obvious signs include:

  • Seeing water leaking into your loft/attic.
  • Water marks on internal ceilings. This may not always be caused by a leak though, so getting it checked by an expert for a second opinion is wise.
  • Seeing light coming through the ceiling is you’d think is probably one of the most obvious indications, but they aren’t always that easy to spot. Ensure to look for signs of small holes in your ceiling from time to time. This will make sure the problem remains a minor one and not lead to a potential whole roof replacement.
  • Fallen or loose slipping tiles – Again this can be reasonably obvious as you will see gaps in the roof tiles or tiles which are at an angle.

Less Obvious Signs include:

  • Debris in gutters – Small pieces of roofing material may fall in to your gutters and may not be visible at first. Ensure you inspect gutters if you can for early signs of roof damage.
  • Mold and moss may not seem a major problem at first but the roots can crack the tiles underneath leading to cracks which in turn will let water in.
  • Under the outer surface of your roof is underlay. Overtime this underlay can rot and begin to leak. These leaks will get bigger causing more damage.

Why You Shouldn't Delay At First Sign Of Roof Repair

It may be tempting, when seeing a small amount of damage to your roof, to wait until the issue becomes more prominent, but this is risky.

Minor roof damage can very quickly become a serious problem, especially if there is a bad spell of weather. A small issue such as a cracked tile can lead to water entering your property and causing damage to interior ceilings, which could then require plastering and painting to return to its original standard.

Don’t delay when you see damage, contact us, and get a second opinion as soon as possible.

What Types Of Roof Can We Repair

All of our work is carried out by fully qualified experts in roof repair, and we cover a range of issues including, but not limited to:

We will combine our experience and knowledge of traditional methods with the latest innovations in roofing to deliver a finished job that looks the part and remedies the problems that can occur with a damaged roof. Whether it’s a fault that is causing discomfort in your home, or something you’ve noticed in passing, no job is too small or too large, and we’re happy to complete insurance work.

Can Roof Repairs Be Done In Winter

No matter the time of year, come rain or shine, you don’t want to be without a fully functional roof. We’ll ensure that your roof is well protected should there be a rainy day while works are being undertaken. As a local roof repair company in Essex, our services are there to protect your property against potential damage so you’ll never have to worry. So give us a call to discuss your roof repair needs and we’ll do everything we can to help.

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

Roof repairs vary depending on the size, style and shape of your properties roof and also the element of the roof which needs repairing, but as a rough guide we have provided some guides below:

  • Average price of repairs – £700
  • Small repair – £100 – £500
  • Medium repair – £500 – £1200
  • Large repair – £1200 – £3000

At Mike Horizon Roofing, we will provide a no-obligation quotation for any roof repairs you may need. Contact us today.

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